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Hair-Dyeing Ideas for Teens ( Parent Approved )

BWild Color Spray

BWild Color Spray
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Temporary Spray-In Hair Color has been a life-saver for those parents who have teens looking to experiment with something a little too bright. Yes, I am talking about those bright hues of blue, yellow, pink and many others. Scared? Don’t be! The spray not only is affordable, (YAY and also sold at pharmacies!) but very convenient for the teens as well. It gives them the ability to change daily – if that is the case – because it washes out completely. Parents won’t even need to get used to the colors because that can change it daily and they also won’t even need to worry because the spray won’t damage the teens’ hair at all. What is better than that?

The Colored Hair Extensions are another fun way for teenagers to have colored hair without dying their own. They come in either natural kind, which is a little pricier or the synthetic kind, less expensive but more harmful to your own hair. They can be found in different colors and they are also easy to apply using either a clip or glue. It is a great accessory to have for those quick makeovers teens seek so much and it not only provides them with a splash of color but also instant volume for their hai; which only provides more glamour, making your teenager even happier!

Colored Hair Extensions

Colored Hair Extensions
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Another way to avoid teens dying their hair with real hair dying products is with coloring shampoos. The Warpaint Beauty Colorstay Shampoo has had good recommendations so far on Amazon and similar sites. The process is simple: they should simply wash their hair with this shampoo like they would do with any other shampoo. The catch is this one has the power to not only wash the hair but leaves a coloring effect in your teenage’s newly cleaned hair. If they chose the color purple for example, their hair will have a pinkish-purple tone afterwards. This pastel-gothic tone is very trendy right now, so few options beat that. Furthermore, it lasts for a little while only, coming off gradually as you wash your hair on the following days.

Warpaint Beauty Colorstay Shampoo

Warpaint Beauty Colorstay Shampoo
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Lastly, if you really don’t want them to do anything with their hair whatsoever, there is always the option of wearing a wig. Ha-ha. It may be a little too – Lady Gaga for the parents taste ( and please don’t let them wear it in inappropriate places like Amanda Bynes did in court recently ), but it can be a good resource for those looking to be different but wanting to play safe. It can be natural looking with natural human hair or it can also be colorful or custom made and so on. Wigs have no shortage of options as far as hair extensions go. However, I don’t think they would want to wear a wig at all times, maybe just in special occasions right?

The change of hair color is a huge deal, as it not only requires some thought into the color itself, but also in how damaging it can be to the hair. As parents, you are always trying to protect your children from unnecessary issues. Hopefully those tips will help your teen to have fun and make their fashion statement without harming their beautiful and growing hair. Have fun!

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