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The Best Makeup for Your Luscious Hair Color

Rihanna Black Hairstyle

For Black Hair: Having black hair myself, I’ve experimented with several different shadows and lipsticks to get the perfect look. My suggestion is to work up dark and smoky colors such as charcoal. Apply several coats of mascara on top of this as well as a bright blush. Complete this look and your face will be left vibrant and fun! Balance the softness of this look with a more sharp, polished looking hairstyle, such as our Brazilian Straight varieties.

Makeup for Brunettes

For the Brunettes: With this hair color it is important to wear more metallic like eye shadow colors such as bronze, gold, and a little bit of copper. This will highlight your hair color and leave your face looking flawless. Combine these shadows with black liner, some swipes of mascara, and a bold colored lipstick and no one will be able to keep their eyes off of you. To make the package even tighter, keep your hair the same “texture” as your makeup. If you use hard sharp lines then filipino straight hair would look great, similar to how softer, more blurred makeup goes flawlessly with something like Brazilian Body Wave hair. Flawless indeed!

Makeup for Blondes

Blond’s Galore: Amber and champagne colored eye shadows work best with this hair color emphasizing the lightness of your hair. Combine this with brown eye liner to further emphasize hair length and vivaciousness. To create a healthy glow make sure to also work up peachy colored blushes and powders to the cheeks. Finally, add a dash of peach gloss or lipstick and you will look delicious with your blond tress, but even more so with a well placed Filipino Swiss Curl.

Makeup for Redheads

Red Head Frenzy: Surprisingly green shadow works will with ginger hair! Brush a little across your lids and apply some reddish brown eye liner. This will highlight the volume of your hair and leave it looking big, bold, and beautiful. Whether curly or straight, balance the volume of your hair with the intensity of your makeup for that o so natural redhead. Rosy blushes look best with this look and makes your skin look alive and natural. Keep it safe with a soft nude lipstick and you have created a natural vixen look that will turn heads in the street!

Picking the right makeup can be difficult but if you match it with your hair color and style, you can create something truly magnificent. Sometimes, however the best way to decide what makeup to begin with starts slightly above your hairline. Get to know your hair and you can get to know yourself in more ways than one!

Hair 4 the Sistas, the Electricdumdum

NewTress Virgin Hair Extensions

Chermise Permaul, a soon to be Junior at Syracuse University brings an intense admiration for hair and beauty to her role as Beauty Blogger for NewTress. An avid blogger and video enthusiast, Chermise also runs two blogs on Tumblr behind her user, Electricdumdum. Chermise loves doing hair and makeup with plans to one day create a YouTube channel in the light of popular Beauty Vlogging. Most likely, the channel will be called … ElectricDumDum. Connect with her on Google Plus.

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