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4 Great Products for Your Natural Tress

Mixed Chicks Deep Hair Conditioner

Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner: Although a bit pricey, this conditioner will leave your hair shiny, clean, and healthy. A thick cream, this product detangles hair with impeccable ease while also promising to add moisture to thirsty locks. I personally LIVE and BREATHE this product and it has helped my hair grow on my transitioning journey. Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner will literally be the answer your hair has been dying to find. Trust me.

Cantu Leave-In Hair Conditioner

Cantu Leave In Conditioner: This intensive leave in conditioner acts as a repair cream to dry and course hair. Created with Shea Butter, this product promises to leave your hair silky, soft, and most importantly manageable. It smells amazing and acts as a powerful heat protectant. If you want your hair to grow, this is the product you sistas must now LIVE by. I have, and the results have blown my mind in more ways than one. I’m sure it will blow yours.

Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding

Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding: Also a bit pricey, this well-known product promises to loosen those tight natural locks and turn them into full, luscious, and well groomed curls. The main advantage of this product is it isn’t crunchy or difficult like gel but has the same affects. My transitioning hair has taken a liking to it and I’m sure yours will too!

Carol's Daughter Lisa Hair Elixir

Carol’s Daughter- Lisa’s Hair Elixir: This natural hair product is used by sistas across the country to grow out their natural tress. Recommended by several celebrities, this product acts as a moisturizer and hot oil treatment that will have you leaping for joy upon discovering your new natural hair length. I’ve been using it for a month now and can already see my hair growing right before my eyes. It’s sure to amaze you like it did me!

Every person’s hair is different and there is no way to guarantee that these products will work on your natural locks. They have however, helped me and a couple of other sistas out on our journey to natural hair as well as in maintaining the tress once it’s reached its destination. Try these products out and you will see how free your natural hair can truly be. Better yet, see how well they work with your new Filipino Jerry Curl or Brazilian Body Wave hair extensions.

Hair 4 the Sistas, the Electricdumdum

NewTress Virgin Hair Extensions

Chermise Permaul, a soon to be Junior at Syracuse University brings an intense admiration for hair and beauty to her role as Beauty Blogger for NewTress. An avid blogger and video enthusiast, Chermise also runs two blogs on Tumblr behind her user, Electricdumdum. Chermise loves doing hair and makeup with plans to one day create a YouTube channel in the light of popular Beauty Vlogging. Most likely, the channel will be called … ElectricDumDum. Connect with her on Google Plus.

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