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DIY Hair Accessories For Summer

1. Rihanna, the Goddess of Hairstyles ( and Hair Accessories )

Is there a hairstyle that she can’t pull off? It’s doubtful. Introducing the oversized bow inspired by Rihanna hair pictures

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What you’ll need:

- Needle, thread, scissors

- Fabric (of your choice!)

- Headband


Cut your piece of material 12” by 8”, fold the fabric in half and stitch the ends. Next you need to “scrunch and twist” the fabric in the middle.

Cut a small strip of material no more than 2 inches thick and wrap it over the centre where the material is scrunched. – There you have a bow!

Wrap the remaining material over your headband, measure it according to the size of the headband and then attach the bow with (hot) glue. Voila! The great thing about this piece is that you can be as inventive as you like with any fabric or pattern and quite frankly, the bigger the better!

2. Studded Hair Comb

Studs have been a popular fashion trend for 2013 and even in summer you could be embracing the studded look… This is really easy and cheap to make and you can experiment with all kinds of studs! You can purchase studs cheaply from most sewing stores or buy them in bulk from online stores such as eBay. They are a great investment that you can be really creative with and make your clothes and accessories unique and one of a kind.

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What you’ll need:

- Hair comb

- Studs

- Glue and scissors


Position your studs evenly along the edge of the hair comb, and stick them down with glue. Once stuck, hold each stud down for about 30 seconds to ensure it sticks! If you want gold square studs then stick a thin strip of felt over the edge of the hair comb before applying the studs. Easy peasy!

3. Flower Hair Accessory

This DIY tip can be really useful for wedding preparation, or simply if you’re embracing the floral trend this summer! This ones a little bit fiddly but it’s near enough free to make!

What you’ll need:

- Floral tape

- Flower (of your choice)

- Scissors and floral wire


Push the wire through to the end of the stem and cut it, the wire should be double the length of the stem. Then twist the wire around the stem then wrap the floral tape starting from the base of the stem moving upwards. Twist it at the end to secure it. Now you can position it into your hair but it is important to make sure the stem is thick enough to withhold movement!

This is really a great tip for a one off quick fix that is perfect for a summer’s day. Hair accessories are great for that trendy summer outfit, but look even better when worn with some new filipino hair extensions from NewTress.

Lily Smith is a free-lance writer and fashion designer in London

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