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The girls of yesteryear knew that having the perfect dress just wasn’t enough. Flawless hosiery, accessories and make-up finalise that perfect vintage look. Vintage hair isn’t just about the authentic style and a glossy well-condition mane. Finishing it off with the right accessory really adds the finishing touch to your ensemble. Of course, to rock these stylish accessories requires a similarly old hairstyle. Jerry Curls or Brazilian Body Waves are two timeless hairstyles that go well with the hairpieces detailed below.

  1. 1950’s Hand-Painted Bobby Pins with Comb Detail
Bobby Pins Hair Accessories

These original 1950’s hair accessories are unspeakably cute. Each of the tiny clips is attached to a bobby pin, meaning you can use them to fasten your hair in a style or alternatively just to add a touch of decoration. The array of fun and vibrant colours mean you can easily co-ordinate one to perfectly match your outfit, just like a genuine 1950’s fashion perfectionist. Authentic vintage hair accessories are hard to come by, especially mounted on the original packaging. They are beautifully versatile, working as well with head-to-toe 1950’s garb as more modern outfits.

  1. Vintage Spanish Style Hair Comb in Tortoise Shell
Vintage Spanish Style Hair Comb

The beauty of buying authentic vintage accessories is that you get the one off, rather than mass produced modern accessories. Picking a hair accessory that is unique and quirky, is the perfect way to finish off your vintage look. Knowing that no-one else will have one is definitely something to celebrate. This beautifully elegant Spanish inspired hair comb looks graceful and alluring and would work with any number of hairstyles and outfits. It’s made in a durable yet flexible plastic but with a burnished glow effect of tortoiseshell, so you get the look without worrying about harming those wrinkly old adorable creatures.

  1. 1940s/50s Wedding Tiara with Wax Flowers and Pearls
Hair Wedding Tiara with Wax Flowers

An authentic vintage tiara will set off any vintage wedding dress to perfection. Something elegant and refined without too much bling is the perfect way to crown any blushing bride. Don’t feel the need to reserve it for your wedding day though, great accessories are made to be worn and re-worn. I fell so heavily in love with my wedding tiara that I still wear it to parties. Team it with a slinky vintage number, a cape and a sweeping up-do and make like Audrey Hepburn.

  1. 1940’s Felt Cap
Bobby Pins Hair Accessories

The teeny elegant felt cap of the 1940’s is somewhere between a hair accessory and a hat. They barely covered enough head to keep you warm and were more a way to decorate your fabulous hair and draw attention to your glossy curls. Every true vintage belle needs a carefully chosen selection of flawless caps and fascinators to finish off her favourite vintage outfits. We all know how the key to looking flawlessly vintage is in the detail. This comely chocolate brown number in rich felt with little flirtatious wisps of net would suit blondes, brunettes and red heads alike and works well with any number of gorgeous outfits from yesteryear.

  1. Vintage Dressing Table Set
Bobby Pins Hair Accessories

Of course you can’t wear it, but adorning your dressing table is just as important as adorning your mane. If you want to feel vintage to the core, you need to vintage up your boudoir and fine tune the details. The floral embroidery will make grooming a pleasure. The pretty glass jars are perfect for your skin care routine. We all know that a flawless complexion is a hugely coveted vintage beauty essential. Don’t forget to fill up the atomiser with your favourite classic eau de toilette, spritz the air and waltz through it. Beautifully fragrance has got to be the ultimate vintage hair accessory.

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