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Celebrity Secret For Long Flowing Tresses

Fake hair is all the rage, and it is absolutely everywhere— from the red carpet, to your little hometown salon. Celebrity stylist Sacha Quarles told The Hollywood Reporter that she sees hair extensions on everyone, celebrities and non-celebrities alike. The reason being? Well, most people are not born with lustrous locks, not even celebrities. Women want to look and feel great; hair extensions are a fairly quick and easy way to achieve beautiful hair. With the surge of popularity in recent years, supply has grown to meet demand; hair extensions are now available in many forms and at many different prices.

But as in all things that promise certain results in exchange for your money, it is important to do your homework before jumping into any stylist’s chair. There are many different types of artificial hair integration, or hair extensions. However, improper application can lead to damaging effects such as hair breakage and hair loss. Do adequate research before settling on a salon and type of hair integration.

Here are the six most common techniques used for hair extensions:

1) Clip-on - This is the least permanent form of hair extension and holds the least amount of risk for damage to the scalp, such as traction alopecia. With this method, small clips are sewn onto wefts of hair. A hair weft is a strip of hair, usually anywhere between two and 8 inches long. Starting at the nape of the neck, hair is sectioned off and combed down. With the clips facing the scalp, the hair weft is placed on the section of hair and clipped into place. The process repeats for with the remaining hair wefts. Clip-on extensions offer great versatility and can be done at home.

2) Bonding - This technique is pretty straight forward. Just like with clip-on extensions, the natural hair is sectioned off into rows. Instead of being clipped into place, hair wefts are glued to biological hair using special hair glues. This method of application lasts for about three weeks at which point the hair begins to grow out and the extensions loosen.

3) Fusion - Biological hair is sectioned off into ⅛ - ¼” sections. Then, hair extensions are attached to these sectioned off strands of hair using something similar to a hot glue gun. Alternatively, hair extensions which are pre-tipped with a keratin adhesive can be attached to strands of hair using a heat clamp. Although this method yields very natural looking results, there is greater risk of damaging the hair because of the use of heat and glue. Extensions need to be repositioned every two to three months as hair grows.

4) Micro Rings - Micro rings are small, silicone-lined, metal loops with hair extensions attached to them. With this methods, the rings are slid onto small sections of natural hair, then tightened with a special clamping tool. There is no risk of damage associated with heat or adhesives, and extensions need repositioning every two to three months.

5) Tracking - This is one of the most commonly used methods for applying hair extensions. To apply the extensions, natural growing hair is braided into horizontally running tracks across the entire head. Wefts of hair are then sewn onto the braids. There are two main drawbacks to this method. First is that it does not allow you to wash and style your biological hair as usual. Secondly, the tight braids which are bearing the weight of the hair extensions often lead to traction alopecia.

6) Netting - Netting is similar to tracking. The difference is that after the natural hair is braided, a hair net is placed over the braids. The hair extensions are then sewn or glued onto the net, rather than onto the braids directly. This allows for more flexibility with where the extensions are placed.

Angel Krause for, an online hair replacement company specializing in custom hair systems.

Hair Food Villains: 5 Foods that Weaken Your Hair

Sodas and Other Food High in Sugar

How can sugar be bad to your hair when almost everything that’s delicious is made up of sugar? Well, anything that is excessive may cause harm to your body and it’s time that you cut your sugar consumption. Sugar is not only one of the major factors in the early graying of your hair, but it can also hinder your body’s capability to absorb protein, and I’m sure you know that protein is important in your diet for healthy hair and nails. Also, it can decrease the amount of Vitamin E in your body and it can also disrupt the balance between the other minerals and vitamins essential for healthy hair. Soda does not only have a lot of sugar in it, but it is also one of the causes of dry hair as it can cause dehydration.

Feeling Japanese

Sushi is rich in mercury, as well as other seafood such as mackerel. Although you cannot deny that these foods are mouth-watering, you should never include them in your daily diet because high levels of mercury can be accounted for hair loss, and that surely is the last thing you would ever want to happen.

Vitamin A Overload

Vitamin A, in extremely high amounts, can result to hair loss. Although it is alright to eat food rich in this vitamin, taking too much Vitamin A supplement will be detrimental to your hair follicles.

Salty Snacks

Who wouldn’t love French fries, cheese-flavoured popcorn and labelled snacks during midnight? Well, even though it is tempting to munch on these every now and then, you must also learn to control, especially since these snacks contain a lot of sodium. If you are above 50 years old, you have more than enough reason to say ‘no’ to your midnight cravings for excessive amounts of sodium can cause the hair to weaken.

Pasta and Bread

Since it has been discussed that sugar can cause the weakening of the hair, it is also very understandable why foods that are mainly comprised of starches, which later on will be converted into sugar, can be detrimental to your hair follicles. Pasta, pizza and bread taken excessively can cause high levels of androgen, which is responsible for the thinning and weakening of the strands of your hair. This just means that you have to trace your starch intake aside from the sugars.

You are what you eat. Turns out, your hair is also what you eat.

About the Author:

 is a beauty and lifestyle blogger from The Thrifty Senyorita. Aside from writing, she is also fond of painting and DIY crafts. She juggles all of these hobbies and never forgets that she is a wife to her husband and a mother to her little Blake. Currently. She is collaborating with Hair Booth, one the trusted online shops of KMS California products in sharing tips about hair care and trends.

What They Wore - Hot VMA Hairstyles

This year the show was not only full of amazing performances – starting with lovely ones at red carpet and continuing the show with the really well produced one by Justin Timberlake at Barclays Center (love!) and ending the show with an exciting one by Katy Perry at the Brooklyn Bridge (Roar!) – but it also caught our attention by the modern fashions and even more specifically for the NewTress team: the hairstyles. From Miley Cyrus to Taylor Swift, the hairstyles were modern but also very classic – sometimes all of them together in one person like on Lady Gaga who played around with different wigs through her performance.

Miley Cyrus’ Hot Hairstyle
Photo Credit: Daily News

Miley for example, not only flashed excessive tongue but she also twerked until her booty hurt, but personally, she had my favorite hairdo of the night. Gotta love it. Fun and different, her hairstyle fit completely her new persona and the new style she has been displaying lately. She had pigtails buns on the top of her head and apparently her hair intensively blow-dried in the back– also showing the shaved sides of her head - which is very modern and a current trend.

Katy Perry’s Low Ponytail
Photo Credit: OKMagazine

Katy Perry for a change had her hair more “behaved” at this award show. Known for her crazy wigs and colorful hairdos she came to Brooklyn for the 2013 VMA’s in a stylish yet simple high pony – looking nothing less than very gorgeous and powerful. Specialists say that to obtain the same hairstyle it is important to use a good shampoo and conditioner that avoids frizz as the hairstyle foundation, followed by hair oil afterwards and blow-drying for the sleek effect.

Lady Gaga was definitely looking for Applause. At the red carpet she looked amazing in her long black dress and long dark hair – possibly full of extensions. A lady really - but when performing time come, she goes all out. That being said, we saw her in a few different wigs during her new song and also the opener of the whole show – which one was your favorite?

Lady Gaga VMA White Wig
Photo Credit: Mirror

Lady Gaga VMA Yellow Wig
Photo Credit: GuardianLv

Lastly, someone who always looks beautiful and puts so much effort into having the perfect hairdo is Taylor Swift. We have seen her go from being a country little girl to this gorgeous young woman. She changed on her music style, her clothing choices and nevertheless her hairstyle was also affected by her growing up. Inspired by Marylin Monroe (although a lot of people said it was actually inspired by her ex - Harry Styles from One Direction) the style is easy to make at home with a curling iron, some bobby pins and tons of hairspray.

If you are just like me, you probably cannot wait for the VMA’s 2014! Am I right?!

Carla Alves

Carla Alves, brings her love for fashion across the Atlantic from San Paolo, Brazil to New York, New York. A regular contributor to the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising International Student Blog, Carla finds herself consistently seeking new challenges and opportunities to grow in fashion. As a Beauty Blogger for NewTress, Carla combines knowledge in blogging and interviewing with fashion experience at large events such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Miama Fashion Week. Connect with her on .

How Facebook Can Be Used To Market Your Salon

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

The biggest chains can spend thousands of pounds on slick marketing campaigns that incorporate print and digital media that are simply out of reach for smaller operations. However you can still compete with the big boys even without a massive marketing budget - and Facebook can be a major tool in your armoury.

#1. Reach out to new and existing customers.

In the hairdressing and beauty industry building lasting relationships with your customers is key to the success of your business. When people find a hair care or beauty professional who delivers a service that they love they return to them again and again, and Facebook is perfect for maintaining these relationships outside of the salon.

Remind them about upcoming appointments, suggest that it may be time for another one or simply ask them how their day has been - it all shows that you care about their custom while keeping you and your brand at the forefront of their mind.

#2. Push promotions and discounts.

If you ever offer promotions and discounts on certain products or services why not use Facebook to promote them further or even run them exclusively on social media?

Engagement begets engagement, which in turn leads on to increased brand exposure, so encouraging community interaction via Facebook can only be a good thing.

You could even offer discounts for Likes or booking an appointment through your page, all with the aim of building that strong user base.

#3. Upload videos and content.

Having your hair done may be something that you do every couple of months, but it is important that you continue to engage with your customer-base even during the in between periods, which is why you should look to keep them interested in your page with content that is going to spark their interest.

For example, you could post tutorial videos for basic hair style tips or reviews of new products, anything that is going to engage your audience other than when they simply want to book an appointment.

You should also utilize pictures heavily on your Facebook page, publishing before and after snaps, images of new products and even just funny and interesting stuff you find on the web!

#4. Reward loyalty.

Hairdressing businesses live and die by the loyalty of their customers - so make sure you reward it appropriately. Offer existing customers the chance of discounts for repeat business or refer-a-friend offers to encourage your clients to bring in new business with them.

Also you can thank your clients directly for their custom through Facebook, especially if they have allowed you to post a before and after photo of them on your page!

If you’re working for yourself or you run a small salon you may not be able to match the advertising might of the major brands, but with the power of social media behemoth Facebook on your side, the onus is in your hands to deliver a customer service and user experience that gives your business the edge. In fact, Facebook is one of the best sites to measure and show how your marketing efforts are effectively building relationships and new clientele.

This guest blog was written by John Rooney on behalf of Direct Salon Supplies - a leading name in the UK for the supply of first-class hair and beauty salon supplies.

Back to School Hairstyle Essentials

Types of Combs
Photo Credit: ProductReviewsbyRuth

Combs – Those are extremely important, and having different types of combs for different needs is crucial. From styling to cleaning and managing the hair and scalp – combs are a total hairstyle essential and I would recommend having: a rat-tail comb (the close apart teeth are great to sectioning your hair and applying hair extensions), a wide-tooth one (great for detangling), a teasing comb (extremely close teeth can be great for creating volume), a regular comb (the not so far and not so close apart teeth that can be used before or after your shower) and a picks comb (great for style and to lift hair away from head).

Flat Iron – These can be a little pricier if the quality is good, however it is a great investment. The options are: the ceramic – which is more for styling and less burning of the hair with equal heat distribution, the tourmaline – which heats up really fast and gives a healthy and shiny look to your hair and the ionic – that helps to lock the moisture which is always a great thing. Make sure you get the right size and the option that will give better results for your type of hair.

Flat Irons
Photo Credit: TotalBeauty

Hair Spray – Some days you just feel like pumping your hair up a little, with not much time before your first class (usually because you overslept) you can simply use a texturing spray – it is a great idea for a second day hair and when you just want to wake up and get quickly ready to go. There are also many other helpful hairspray options – like the ones that reduce frizz, protect from heat, increase shine and even create volume for those with heavy looking hair.

Clip-In Hair Extensions
Photo Credit: NewTress

Shampoo – Needless to say, shampoo is a requirement in anyone’s beauty checklist. However shampoos can do much more than just cleaning your hair and for a college student it can also be a helpful tool. It is really important to choose the right type for your hair. But that doesn’t mean spending a lot of money, instead, just knowing how to properly research and find the combination that will treat your hair nicely. Also dry-shampoos are a great option for those days you can’t wash your hair because you don’t have the time ( or don’t feel like it, we’ve all been there ). It eliminates the grease and gives a nice smell – resulting in a hair full of life.

Clip-ins – Oh, those are more than just regular essentials – they are not only helpful to keep your hairdos in place but they also can create their own style. Clip-in Hair Extensions can vary in shape and form; they can also create patterns and designs that can make a total difference when you just decide to use your hair straight. The good thing is that you can have tons of fun and choose so many most different types so your hairstyle. Clip-ins can be as unique as you would like them – of course you can play with clip-in hair extensions as well.

Are you ready to work on this hairstyle essentials checklist? I know I am!

Carla Alves

Carla Alves, brings her love for fashion across the Atlantic from San Paolo, Brazil to New York, New York. A regular contributor to the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising International Student Blog, Carla finds herself consistently seeking new challenges and opportunities to grow in fashion. As a Beauty Blogger for NewTress, Carla combines knowledge in blogging and interviewing with fashion experience at large events such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Miama Fashion Week. Connect with her on .

Key Ingredients For Successful Scene Hair

Scene Hair Isn’t Only For The Scenesters 

Rihanna Scene Hair
Photo Credit: MyGuestBlog

Now some may say that ‘scene hair’ is strictly an emo hairstyle. Well let us put it to you that Rihanna, Pink and Superbad actress Emma Stone have all rocked the scene hair style, hardly your token emo’s. Even Cyndi Lauper is a girl that just wanted to have fun with the scene hair style. All of these women have either used the short and choppy layers on top, or added long bottom layers, razored ends and mean side bangs. It’s a formula that has successfully made people stand out and become exciting individuals. For sure, many ‘emos’ love the look and proceed styling their hair with the ‘scene style’. Yet, you don’t have to apply hefty eyeliner and wear skinny jeans to gain the perfect scene hairstyle.

Key Points For A Scene Hairstyle

Emo Scene Hair
Photo Credit: MyGuestBlog

A scene hairstyle is a dynamic way to electrify your head (not literally) – consisting of a few simple steps to achieve the image.

  • Blow dry and straighten your hair
  • Dye the tips ‘dipping’, dye front layers of your hair for ‘wow’ factor or underside for a subtler tone and image
  • Curling iron or curling wand so you can tease your bang (fringe) adding texture and detail
  • Rat-tail or fine toothed comb to tease, backcomb or rat tail for volume on top
  • Hairspray your teased hair and set to your desired style
  • Root lifter to add extra volume if you have thin hair
  • Add some hair accessories such as funky hairclips, bows or hairpieces for enhanced detail and glamour

Tips On How To Maintain A Scene Haircut

Due to the sprays, spritz, heating and hair dying that’s involved in producing the perfect scene haircut, you do have to remain aware of potential side effects. But don’t be frightened off because there are few easy remedies to help your scene hair to continue to flourish.

  1. If you’re blow drying and straightening your hair - remember to apply some sort of heat protection
  2. If you have thick hair you can try styling in stages - by clipping one part and moving up in manageable sections you should find it easier to style
  3. Use quality shampoo or conditioner and use types that are similar to your hair colour or if no time to wash use dry shampoo to give volume
  4. Washing with cold water helps keep the depth and strength of the dye intact
  5. Trim split ends and damaged hair when appropriate
  6. Deep condition your hair once a week

Whatever you are, male or female, celeb or unsung hero, emo or otherwise – the scene hairstyle can help encapsulate your face, add volume your hair and ignite your style. Take off that beanie and come get ‘sceney’.

Rebecca Bray is an expert in the field of scene hair and loves giving advice about how to obtain a great scene style.

Hair Extensions: The Types And Kinds

There are wide varieties of hair extensions available from which you can choose. Almost any hair extension design - and color - you can think of is available and there are specialists ready to fix them for you. There are two types of hair extensions available: natural human hair extensions and man - made hair extensions.

Manufactured / Synthetic Hair Extensions

This type of hair extension is made from synthetic materials. As the word ‘synthetic’ indicates, it is not real human hair and therefore is for temporary use. One of the major disadvantages of synthetic hair is that it is lower quality than human hair. It can only be used in the color in which it was originally bought. It is not flexible enough to offer dyeing into different colors, and styling can be done only on heat-resistant varieties. The prices of this type of hair extension vary according to the different styles and varieties available, but are typically much more affordable than real human hair extensions.

Real Human Hair Extensions

This type of hair extension is relatively permanent compared to artificial hair extensions. Just like synthetic hair extensions, you still need to do your hair from time to time. However, you can recycle your human hair extensions unlike artificial hair extensions. Human hair extensions are created from the hair of women, mainly from Asian countries and Eastern European countries, but also from areas such as Brazil and Southern Africa. It is a little bit expensive compared to artificial hair, but lasts much longer and is available in various styles.

Human Hair Extensions
Photo Credit: Flickr

However, both hair extensions are susceptible to shedding with time. Due to continuous combing, the hair plaits on your head get loose. Human hair extension companies are aware of this issue and are working on minimizing it. There are some hair brands which do not shed. Looking into them won’t hurt.

Braided Hair and Weaves

These are available in both human and artificial hair. Braiding hair is usually packed as loose hair and is meant to be used in loose sections. On the other hand, weaves are usually attached on one end, called as a weft. Weaves are made to be bonded with wearer’s hair and there are different styles in which it can be done. The most popular way is to make ‘tracks’ and attach the weave the weaves through them.

Caring for Hair Extensions

Merely having hair extensions on your head is not enough. You need to take good care of them to maintain your look. Ensure that you use the right comb to do your hair. Use of the wrong comb can tug the hair the wrong way, hence destroying your style or the tracks themselves. It is also important that you shampoo your hair regularly. Never tie your hair into knots but instead let them follow their natural flow. Tying it may interfere with the hair design entangling it permanently.

Hair extensions are not a preserve of the few, like it used to be. It is now something that is available to everybody. Beyonce’s luscious hairstyle is something that can be replicated by any woman today. You can go from having short curly hair to having long wavy hair in a matter of hairs. You can use synthetic hair for a short time, or go for human hair extensions that last longer. Your choice is endless.

This article was written by Leanora Plocek, who has been fixing synthetic and human hair extensions and styling them for a few years now.

5 Double Duty Natural Hair Care Products

More people are interested in a more holistic lifestyle due to all the information that is out there on how chemicals in hair and body products affect us. If you look at the ingredient list of any of the popular hair care products on the drug store shelves, you will see the addition of many natural herbs and oils normally used in the kitchen. People are choosing to seek answers to their hair care dilemmas in nature rather than purchasing products laden with chemicals. This article gives you 5 ingredients you can find in your kitchen that will help to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and growing.


You may have used rosemary to season your chicken, but have you ever used it in your hair? Rosemary is known to stimulate the blood circulation in your scalp, making it a great ingredient for those who want more hair growth. The best way to use rosemary is to strip the needles from a couple of branches and allow it to steep in a pot of hot water — like tea. When the infusion cools, strain, and place the tea into a spray bottle and spray liberally onto your scalp. It’s great for refreshing your scalp on a daily basis.

Lace Closure
Photo Credit: WikiMedia

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has loads of benefits from using it in a salad dressing to an ingredient in homemade household cleansers. Apple cider vinegar on the hair is used clarifying agent that strips away residue from old shampoos, oils, and styling products. For best use, mix a capful or two with a quart of water and use as a rinse after your shampoo, and before your conditioning treatment.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a popular oil in many households used for sautéing your favorite meats and vegetables. It can also be used to mitigate dry hair and scalp. If your hair is in need of a bit of shine, pour a dime sized amount into your hands or a small bowl. Coat your fingertips with the oil and give yourself a gentle scalp massage. You can also use a small amount on your hair to help smooth out the hair cuticle before using heat styling products. This technique works well on human hair weave and natural hair alike.


Many people love the smooth, creamy, rich texture of avocado in their guacamole. That same fatty, rich texture is also beneficial to your hair as a deep conditioner. For best result, you want to choose an avocado that is slightly overripe. Mash the avocado in a bowl and smooth onto hair that is dry, dull, and brittle. There are many avocado hair conditioner recipes on the internet so be sure to do your research and find the one that works best for you.


Honey is a popular choice to sweeten tea or used as a natural sweetener to smoothies or baked goods. However the benefits of honey go far beyond nutrition; it’s also a great humectant for your hair. Honey attracts moisture to your hair, making it much less susceptible to breakage. You can add it to your avocado deep conditioner for best results.

So you see, hair care need not mean exposing yourself to harsh chemicals. Hopefully the ideas presented here will inspire you to do a little more research of your own to discover what foods you have in your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets that can do double duty for your meals and your hair.

Tony is a hair stylist that likes to share tips with readers looking for ideas to improve their style.

How To Dress The Tress


Shampoo and Conditioner
    A good shampoo and conditioner are the basic foundation to having healthy hair. It is important to know what ingredients are in your products and what they do for you. This holds especially true for the type of hair you have. Everyone’s hair texture is different and the products you use should be tailored in such a manner. 
     Thus, bypass all those high priced, guaranteed to perfection shampoos and conditioners who advertise themselves as being the best shampoo for every kind of hair. In addition, skip anything that includes sulfates as it just strips away any moisture in your hair. It doesn’t make sense to strip all moisture and then later try to add a little moisture back in. 

Leave-in-conditioner- Leave-in conditioners work the same as a regular conditioner except they are made to remain in your hair until your next wash. When looking for leave –in-conditioners it’s best to read the ingredients carefully. Usually they are either oil based or water based. The better of the two is water based products, as they will not be so heavy and will not leave a sticky feel on your hair. 

Moisturizer- No matter what type of hair you have it is important to keep your hair moisturize. For maximum results purchase products for your texture. For example: if your hair is curly, products geared toward managing curly locks by defining or elongating them would work best for you. 

Organic Root StimulatorOrganic Root Stimulator is one of the best things you can put in your hair. Think of this item as the all in one product. It is the ultimate moisturizer and hair doctor. Not only does it replenish, but it also shines, repairs and defines your hair from root to tip.

Gel, Mousse, and Hair Spray- Because our hair falls subject to gravity it is important when styling to apply some type of hold to your hair. Nothing is worse than creating a great do and have it fall flat or mess up. Each of these products essentially gives you some form of hold. However which one you use varies on how you want your overall style to look. Gels and mousses tend to give you the wet look whereas hair spray provides just a hold. Remember to choose one that specifically says will not flake as you don’t want to appear to have dandruff.
Sealants- Sealants are great products for those with curly hair. It works just as a gel would except that it is sprayed onto the hair and it helps to not only hold the curls, but it also defines them while elongating them.

It may take a period of trial and error to find the brands you love the best but in the end it’ll be well worth the time. You can trust when you’ve found the right product your hair will let you know and you won’t turn back. 

Ashley Thompson is looking for some tips to change her overall fashion look. She decides to start with her hair because she has had the same style for a few years. 

Hot Hairstyles for Your Next Party

Every time I have to go out to a party, I do the same old, boring routine. Straighten my hair and do a smoky eye. It’s been the same routine throughout college. I can’t seem to break this cycle, especially with my hair. Being blessed with thick, wavy hair is hard to pull out au natural in a party setting with sweaty bodies and drinks spilling everywhere.

But I’m breaking the habit and getting out of my party rut. I’ve found a list of great party hairstyles that are perfect for going out and having a great time. As for makeup, maybe I’ll let my talented makeup artist friends stick help me with that.

Photo Credit: Allure

A great look to have is a great up do that is a little mixed up. Create a slight poof with long bangs and hold it up with bobby pins and hairspray (don’t get too crazy, this isn’t the Jersey Shore.) Then use the back pieces of hair to create an up do, either with a pony tail or a messy bun that will keep hair off the back of your next and you’re trying to dance.

Another great idea is the loose knot hairstyle. I accidentally did this the other day as I was leaving for work and I loved that way that it looked. It would look even better without a blazer and dress pants. This look is easy to create. Throw all your hair back into a bun on the back of your next that isn’t too tight that it might give ways to stray pieces of hair. I promise it’s not as unkempt as you might think. It’s super easy and if you add a cute accessory, then you’re already ahead of the game.

A great and easy style for longer hair is the top bun and if done with the right outfit, won’t make you look like a librarian. This look is simple and easier to pull off with longer hair. Plus it’s chic and will keep hair out of your face all night.

Photo Credit: Woohair

If you’re not in the mood to do anything fancy before you go out, or just are strapped for time, just add a headband. This is a great accessory that will make your outfit looked put together.

The last look which is something that I’ve been working on with my new curling wand is tousled curls. It adds a nice volume to hair and a sophisticated texture that is perfect for a cocktail party and even frat party. This look is easy to maintain with hair products like mousse, if you already have curly hair or a curling wand, like I mentioned before, for hair that just needs a little something extra.

Play around with these styles and see what works best for you. Try them out beforehand and not twenty minutes before your cab is due to arrive. Believe me, the first time I tried my curling wand, I did too many curls and ended up looking like I walked out of the 80s. Don’t fall into my mistake. A part of hair is having fun and that can be easily done with trying out what works best for you.

Hair Truthinblacknwhite

Samantha Reba is a recent graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University where she majored in Creative Writing and had minors in Journalism, Literature and British Studies. Recently she acquired the position of Junior Writer at Artcraft Health Education. She is excited to start off as a guest hair and beauty blogger for Newtress. Samantha runs her own blog Truthinblacknwhite and is a contributing writer and Junior Editor for The Celebrity Café. Samantha loves to travel and sample wine. Connect with Samantha through  account, her personal blog and @_samanthareba.

Exotic Hair Helpers Demystified

Beta Carotene

This orange pigment comes from plants like carrots, pumpkins, and butternut squash, but don’t worry—it’s not just for redheads. Beta carotene is an anti-oxidant, and strengthens your hair while helping it grow longer.

Shea Butter

Derived from nuts from Shea-Karite trees that grows in Africa, Shea butter is great for moisturizing and protecting both your hair and your scalp. It works wonders in bringing the strength and shine back to damaged or dry hair. Shea butter is especially useful for combatting the scalp irritation that can be a problem after using hair dyes or relaxers.

Tea Tree Oil

This invigorating oil comes from—you guessed it—the tea tree, native to Australia. It’s a proven treatment for dry scalps and flakey skin, and will help your hair grow faster. Products formulated with tea tree oil will unblock your hair follicles, remove any build-up your hair has accumulated, and restore patina.


The aloe plant stores liquid in its leaves like a cactus. Aloe has been in use for at least 2,000 years as an herbal medicine, and is a terrific moisturizer for both your hair and your scalp. Aloe’s chemical makeup is similar to that of keratin, which is the protein that hair is made of. This resemblance makes it easy for aloe to enter the hair shaft.  Aloe encourages hair growth, fights frizz, and makes hair softer and shinier.

Argan Oil

This nourishing oil is produced from the kernels of of argan trees, which are native to Morocco. The oil helps with dry scalp issues in addition to moisturizing hair, and contains omega 3 and omega 9 fatty acids which help repair damage to your hair. Argan oil products make hair more elastic and less likely to break, while turning up the volume on your hair’s shine.


Olives come from small trees in the Mediterranean region. Olives have been so important in European history that in more than one language, the word “oil” comes from the word for olive. Olive oil helps to condition the hair, and can also enhance hair growth as well. It’s also very good for styling and improving manageability.

Never underestimate the effect that feeling good about your appearance can have on your self-confidence. High-quality beauty aids like Fantasia hair products are made from superlative ingredients gathered from around the world, to help women like you look and feel your absolute best.

Jessica Ademack is looking for some new changes in her overall look. She has had the same hair cut for years so it might be a good idea to make a change. She decides to learn about new products that can help improve her hair. 

Quick and Easy Back to School Hairstyle Suggestions

The most important aspect, as least from a retailer’s perspective, for back to school is usually on fashion. For the less fashion conscious, you may be able to pass off with last season’s clothes ( at least until the weather catches up ), your older sister’s hand me downs or if you have a good group of girlfriends, you might even be able to swap clothes. You probably can get away with wearing the same shoes as you did in the summer. Honestly, you might even consider some of those ideas fashion conscious.

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No matter what though, you cannot trade weave. Its just dirty, a little unsanitary and downright weird. So despite all the things you can avoid buying this season, a new tress probably goes just behind essentials like deodorant and socks and toothpaste. While you probably have seen a few Back to School sales for a new head of hair, there probably aren’t many options and worse yet, it is a very small selection of the sites.

You already know NewTress provides high quality Brazilian Hair and Filipino Hair Extensions, so we will be offering a selection of our most popular pieces for Back to School as well ( sorry couldn’t resist the self-plug in). But we also thought it would be great to provide some great locations for hot back-to-school hairstyles. After all, you know you will be waking up late that entire first week while your biological clock adjusts. So why not get a jumpstart with some great hair extensions and some great ideas on quick and easy Back to School hairstyles that you can do in your morning rush. Just make sure to set the alarm 30 minutes earlier just in case.

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Here are some places that you can find some great ideas for Quick and Easy Back-To-School hairstyles.

Teen Vogue has a good number of Back to School hairstyles this year, created by cool fans of the magazine like yourself. Be sure to check out which ones work for you and be sure to take a picture of the style and share it to give your friends new inspiration.

So maybe Teen Vogue had too many choices for you to choose from and you just need a quickie guide, almost a poster-like guide for the morning. Fear not. has some great choices for Back to School hairstyles that really are just great for quick morning hairstyles, requiring little more than a brush, comb and some holding spray.

Back-to-School is not only for the school-aged, but for some of us, its the beginning of a new job or for others its getting close to that time for performance evaluations and raises. If you are in this category, you know what we are talking about and its as much about what you wear to work as well as what hairstyles you are wearing. Cosmpolitan has some great choices that should make the promotion easier.

No matter what you will be doing for Back to School, always remember to stick to your regular hair regiment of washing, shampooing and conditionging.

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Disney Hair and Now - A Sephora Collection

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The other day, my Little Mermaid loving, beach obsessed roommate posted a picture of Sephora makeup. It was a Little Mermaid inspired collection that hosts an array of light blues, neutrals and a few coral colors.

At first, I wasn’t too sure about the collection and just assumed it was spam, but the more I investigated, the more I was willing to see the collection for myself. But I was still skeptical. Disney at this age? I lost my ability to think I was a princess at age 12, then again at age 16, when I wasn’t given a new car on my birthday.

I was happily surprised that the collection is for adults and nostalgic of my childhood. It’s the perfect combination of my love of Disney and my love of makeup.

This Disney for Sephora collection is not something that you’re going to let your little sister or nieces play with as the various eye shadow pallets and perfume range from $24 to $55 online. Mid-priced, but even for this collection, your little sister probably won’t be playing dress-up with it.

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The colors are natural and not as vibrant or overwhelming as you would anticipate from a Disney collaboration.

My first purchase was for my roommate. I chose a smaller pallet because she is slowly transitioning into wearing makeup and the four color combination is a great start.

The smaller pallet has a wonderful cover that simply portrays the Little Mermaid. The colors range from neutrals to a olive green and blue/purple combination. It’s the perfect pallet for anyone with green or brown eyes with colors that are going to make your eyes pop.

The collection contains six polishes with cute names such as: Life Is in the Bubbles, Ariel, Off The Hook, Devotin’ to Floatin’, We Are In Luck and Hotter Under the Water. The colors contain blues, teals, coral, white and purple. These polishes are getting great reviews and I can’t wait to make them my next purchase. They might even make that hot guy you have been meaning to ask out want to “kiss the girl”.

The last part of the collection, which is not offered on the Sephora website is the Ariel Storybook Pallet. Fortunately, it can be found on other makeup sites. As a little warning, that the pallet is $55 at Sephora and other websites retail the set at over $100. So make sure that you’re willing to spend the money.

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The pallet is colorful, with an array of hues that would satisfy any makeup lover. It’s a great addition to any makeup set and I’m a little bummed that it wasn’t for sale on the website. Maybe its due to being sold out at the time.

For all you Disney enthusiasts, you probably recognize that this is not the first time that Sephora has offered a Disney inspired collection. The first collection was Cinderella inspired. I love that the collections are for a more mature crowd with wearable colors that are not outrageous and childlike. If you’re looking for a cute gift for a friend, or a roommate, check out the latest Disney collection from Sephora before it’s all sold out, since they seem to be limited editions.

As for me, I can’t wait to give my roommate her newest addition to her growing makeup collection!

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